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How To Avoid Jet Lag

Traveling is fun and adventurous, but jet lag can put a damper on your trip if you don’t know how to take care of it the right way. If you have kids with you, you want to be able to keep up with them and do all kinds of fun things together. You can’t do much if jet lag has taken over you.  As for those frequent flyers that travel a lot for business, jet lag can also affect you especially if you are tired and “out of it” that can put a damper on business. It is important to learn how to handle your Jet Lag whether traveling for fun or for business. In this post I will provide a few simple and easy steps to help you combat jet lag that will get you feeling back to normal in no time!

Prepare for the time zone change:  It is always good to start early to help your body adjust to the different time zones. Start by going to sleep an hour earlier or later (depending on where you are going) a few days before you go to get your body used to the new time zone. Helping your body staying rested will help lower the symptoms of Jet Lag.


Plane Ride: Once you are on the plane headed to your destination, act as if you are already there. First, it will help if you set your watch to the time zone that you are headed to. This will help you get an idea and adjust to when you should eat or sleep. Next, find out if it will be daylight or nighttime when you arrive. If it will be daylight do what you can to keep yourself awake on the plane, if it is nighttime try to take a nap. Items to help you sleep on the plane can include: bringing your own blanket, your fantastic pillow from home, eye mask, and ear plugs.  Also, eat as if you were already there. You want to start as soon as possible to act like you are already there, Jet Lag doesn’t just affect your sleeping schedule it affects your digestive schedule as well.  Even snacking on the plane if you are not super hungry will help you out a lot.

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Natural Light: Natural light will help your body adjust to the time zone change as well, so it is best to remain active when you first get there. Go explore and do outside activities especially on the first day.  If you feel like you must take a nap, only take a 30 minute one since anything longer will make the jet lag worse.  If you are on a business trip and don’t have time to do outdoor activities, try to take a brisk walk, even opening the curtains in your hotel room will help. The point is to get the most amount of sunlight you can.


Melatonin: It is not a bad idea to bring some Melatonin with you on your trip. Melatonin is a hormone that your body produces when you are ready to go to sleep. Taking Melatonin around the time you want to go to sleep (especially if it is earlier than your used to) will help you fall asleep to keep you in the changed time zone. This will also help to alleviate jet lag symptoms.


Exercise and Eating Schedule:  Exercising early in the morning will help get your blood flowing and wake you up.  It doesn’t have to be a hard core work out, just a brisk walk or jog will do the trick. Also, eating a high protein breakfast will help out a lot.  At night, exercise is a good idea as well. A tough work out a few hours before you go to bed will help your body mellow down and allow you to fall asleep.  Now as to your eating schedule, try to eat during eating times in the time zone you are in and not your normal schedule. The best thing to do when you first get there is to eat light meals until your digestive system can get used to your new schedule. Oh, and one last thing to remember, stay hydrated!  If you are dehydrated it will most definitely affect your trip. Dehydration can give you stomach problems that can ruin your fun. Just be sure to drink a lot of water and try not to drink a ton of alcohol and caffeine, which I know can be hard especially if you are on vacation and all you want to do is have fun!


Traveling can be exhausting and take a major toll on you!  Just by using a few of these simple steps you will notice a major difference in how you feel while traveling.  Enjoy your adventures by feeling good and aware of everything going on around you, rather than feeling tired and bogged down.

Blog post author: Ali, Customer Service Rep

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Cool Sleeping for those Hot Summer nights

Its summertime folks and that means soaking up the sun, good food/cold drinks, spending time with family and friends, and enjoying the great outdoors. But what happens at the end of the night when you’re worn out from it all and ready to crash? You retreat to your blissful, inviting bedroom; your comfy bed beckoning you as you delight in the fact that you are mere moments away from drifting off peacefully into dreamland… Aaaaah….

But wait!…(cue scary music) Dunt Dunt Duuuuuun!!!

In the middle of the night you awaken only to discover that a suffocating blanket of heat has infiltrated your bedroom sanctuary; pouring in like a sun-fire army whose only mission is to make you sweat profusely as you toss and turn, trying in vain to find mercy from the hell-sauna that your once heavenly bedroom has transformed into. Now it’s your daunting mission to peel your body off of your soggy pillow and try to wrestle your sheets off by flailing your limbs as though you were staving off a hungry anaconda.

So what’s a person to do? How can we fight this epidemic that has plagued human-kind since before the dawn of time?… Okay okay, maybe I’m being a tad dramatic but c’mon, heat + sleep = baaaaaad news. The two simply do not mix. So what can we do to avoid feeling like we’re sleeping inside of a dragon’s mouth all summer?

Well, it’s pretty much a given that no one wants to pay out of their eyeballs, so here are a few suggestions that can help keep you cool without severely running up your energy costs by blasting your beloved air conditioner:

*There’s the old standby, making sure that you open a window at night allowing the cool night air to breeze through. It’s important to have a fan circulating the air as well. And while ceiling fans are ideal, placing a fan in or around an open window will help to ensure that a cool breeze flows through your room all night. To up the ante, place a bowl of ice in front of the fan to maximize coolness.


*Being mindful of the fabrics that you lie on is also a must. Choose cool breathable fabrics that won’t retain your body heat, inviting sweat to come out and play. This will also help prevent them from sticking to you like that clingy ex-boyfriend that you’ve been trying to ditch for the past two months…Or wait, is that just me? Hmm…Anyway, back to my point; fabrics like cotton and satin are smooth comfortable and cooling, which make them perfect for summertime bedding.

*Make sure to keep yourself hydrated with good ol’ fashioned H2O. The cooling effects of drinking cold water are both satisfying and immediate and can help keep you cool for hours. Keep a glass handy on your nightstand for when your mouth starts to feel like the Sahara Desert.

*Lastly, if possible, check out different products that can help to keep you cool. There are some really cool, revolutionary pillows that work wonders for those sweltering summer nights. One brand in particular contains a state of the art material that actually balances your changing body temperature to provide a comfortable, cooling effect. Talk about cool, Iso-Cool to be exact (<=insert shameless plug here). This line of pillows are top-of-the-line and budget friendly, ranging from $39.99-$79.99 and come in sets of 2, 4, or 6, in case you fall in love and have to have more! Interested? Check them out for yourself: (If you’re going to make a purchase, why not make it somewhere where the people are friendly, relatable and have a singular goal: to satisfy your sleepy time needs?)

yhst-72531153481428_2266_536492886 yhst-72531153481428_2266_536484850


So there it is folks. A few tried and true methods, along with a couple new. Check them out, test them out… Dare I say enjoy them? Guess that one is for you to decide 🙂 In any regard, enjoy your summer and remember, stay cool (pun intended)

-Sleep Well, Live Well

Blog Author, Monique, Content Manager

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Why Working for a Small Business Rocks!

It’s the middle of National Small Business week and as I look around the office, I see and hear a lot of small business activity buzzing around me. The Director of Operations is helping a customer on the phone so that we answer as many customer calls as possible, the CEO is in the warehouse making sure our hard working Shipping Assistants stay on top filling today’s orders, and the Product Inventory Manager is giving advice on a blog post to our Content Manager. This moment beautifully represents why I love working for a small business- We are all here to help out in any way to keep the company growing successfully. That’s why I personally love working for our company, but in case you’ve never worked for a small business, let me elaborate on why working for a small business absolutely ROCKS!

Never a boring work day – As I briefly illustrated above, there are times during the day that we each have to step outside our job positions for the good of the company. Not everyone would like this part of working for a small business, but I love it since you constantly have the chance to gain experience in all areas of the company. My day never follows the same routine and I’ve found that I enjoy working in other departments that are outside of marketing. One of these tasks outside of marketing that I’ve experienced is selecting products from the website and pricing them. I gained real experience on how to price merchandise; this knowledge also enhanced our marketing campaigns since I knew which products were just added to the site and thus which ones would do well in product offers.

Results from your effort- Every single employee of can see the direct impact they have on the company. Every goal we achieve is a huge victory and nothing goes unnoticed. I’ve worked for big companies in the past where the owner had no clue what I had accomplished in the past 3 months. Here, each employee is aware of the big projects going on in the company and therefore where their skills align and could help out.

 We are family! My favorite part of our company is the people. Since we have a team less than 20, everyone has a close relationship. Each birthday is celebrated, each company outing is a blast, and business trips are never awkward. We not only like each other as people, but every employee understands and values our company goals and purpose to make sure we bring a better night’s sleep to all of our customers. Check out some of the fun times I’ve had with my fam!

blog 2  blog 1

Three of us went to a internet retail conference in Chicago! There was an oxygen bar in the vendor exhibitor hall that we just had to experience! We also got to do some sightseeing!


We go on a company outing 2-3 times a year. Our last one we all went to a Rockies baseball game!

What’s your favorite part of working for a small business? Comment below!

Blog Author: Chelsea, Director of Marketing

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