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How To Sleep Like A World Cup Pro!

Running back and forth a 100 yard field can be exhausting for the World Cup soccer players! You might ask yourself how they are able to do this for 90 minutes. The answer is in exercise and, of course, a full night’s sleep without any disruptions. Let’s look at how a professional athlete sleeps and what they use to help them.

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Evaluating the Athletes

According to the National Sleep Foundation, a training expert is sent in to evaluate athletes sleeping conditions. This can be anything from lighting to beds to alarm clocks. These experts then make changes to an athlete’s room. The experts will also look into temperature and noise. Experts will begin with the environmental aspects of a room.


Watch Your Lighting

Light involves the use of blackout curtains when it comes to athletes rooms. They will keep the room sufficiently dark but not so dark that when you wake up in the middle of the night they don’t stub their toe. For a soccer athlete, that’s not good.

Try To Stay Cool

Temperature-wise, cool is better than warm. Being too hot or too cold can affect the way you sleep. A normal setting for cool temperatures is 65-68 degrees. You can also control these environmental factors by layering your bed with sheets, blankets, and comforters as well. Most athletes will use performance bedding that can help regulate temperature and moisture!



No Intrusive Noises

With noise, it’s important to understand that it is intrusive noise events, like doors banging, which are most disruptive for peoples sleep. This problem can be easily solved by masking the intrusive sounds with background noise, like a fan or sound machine. Keep in mind that it is important for athletes to have a reliable alarm clock as well.


Don’t Forget The Extras

You can’t forget some of the extras as well. This includes not taking advantage of the snooze button. These are the enemy of good sleep because it disrupts your internal circadian clock. Alcohol is a big no-no at big events such as the World Cup as well. Sure, it makes you sleepy at first, but then as your alcohol levels fall you sleep is more disrupted and fragmented than normal. It’s important to also personalize your sleep! Find what works for you and what kind of sleep surface you like. This all helps benefit those who need to get the most sleep for muscle regrowth and enhancement building! Don’t forget to check out our performance bedding and products to help customize your sleep so that you can be sleeping like a World Cup athlete! Sleep well. Live well.

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Blog Author – Jesse S. – Bedding Expert

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Most Interesting Hotels Found Worldwide

Going on vacation and escaping reality if even for a little while is always a welcome relief. Whether you are traveling domestically or internationally, deciding what hotel to stay at is one of the main concerns for most travelers. You want a hotel that is right in the middle of it all but somehow still maintains a certain amount of tranquility right? Most of us book hotels based on comfort but for those who are looking for a more eclectic experience, why not pick one that is in it’s on way,  a destination in itself? Below are the 10 weirdest hotel rooms, from hotels made out of ice and Inn’s shaped like Beagles, this list is as strange as it sounds.

1) ICEHOTEL, Jukkasjarvi, Sweden.

This hotel is the world’s largest made out of snow and ice. Each year the hotel is allowed to melt and then is again reconstructed every November. From the bar to your bed, everything is made out of ice or snow.



2) Dog Bark Park Inn, Cottonwood, Indiana

Located in the heartland of the good ole’ USA, this tiny Inn is actually constructed in the shape of a giant beagle. Think Clifford the Big Red Dog but in hotel form. The dog’s head houses a bedroom and a toilet that is disguised as a fire hydrant.



3) Yotel, Heathrow Airport, London

One of the smallest hotels in the world, Yotel is the perfect balance of convenience and comfort. This particular hotel is actually located in London’s airport near terminal 4. Each compartment features a flat screen tv, wireless internet and hour room service. While the rooms are small, for those long lay overs or quick trips that don’t justify the full expense of a regular hotel, Yotel offers amazing convenience at just 25 pounds a night.



4) Hang Nga Guesthouse, Dalat, Vietnam

Known as “The Crazy House” this hotel is constructed as weirdly as it’s rooms. The hotel looks more like a giant treehouse more than a structure that is supposed to in fact provide guests with a good night’s rest. Each room has an animal theme such as The Bear or Kangaroo room.

Hang Nga guesthouse


5) Magic Mountain Hotel, Huilo-Huilo, Chile

The rooms of Huilo-Huilo are actually built into an artificial mountain. Looking out a window you can actually see the hotels waterfall that blows like a volcano, running along the structure. Inside the rooms are wood and offer a simplicity that is almost ironic considering how unique this hotel is.



6) Karostas Cietums, Liepaja, Latavia

This former prison has actually been made into a hotel where guests can experience what life was like for the inmates who were former military persons. This hotel is said to be a hot spot for paranormal activity. The guests who stay here aren’t given much in the way of comfort but for those who are looking to combine both history and adventure, this hotel is perfect.



7) Jumbo Stay Hostel, Stockholm, Sweeden

Located at the Stockholm airport, guests can actually spend the night on a real jumbo jet. Based on how many people are in your party, rooms can accommodate up to three people. As far as showers and bathrooms, for the most part the majority are communal but there a few lucky rooms that do have private bathrooms. While the rooms aren’t grand by any means this hotel does have a bar and café on board.




8) Hotel Kakslauttanen, Arctic Circle, Finland

Constructed in the form of a glass igloo, this hotel is great for those wanting the authentic arctic experience. The igloo’s maintain a normal room temperature and the glass ceiling is perfect for those interested in literally sleeping beneath the Northern Lights.



9) Conrad Maldives Rangali Island

This hotel takes “island life” to a new extreme. In the Ithaa Suite, guests actually have the chance to wake up  16 feet below the Indiam Ocean. Picture a tube but instead of a solid ceiling there is actually glass where you can view schools of fish swimming and see the sun reflecting off the water.


Ithaa undersea restaurant

10) Sandcastle Hotel, Weymouth, UK

Made entirely from about 1100 tons of sand and for about $15 a night, guests can fall asleep under the stars. It takes about seven days and a team of four sculptors to complete this hotel that washes away when a big storm hits. If luxury is what you are looking for this is not the hotel for you as guests sleep on sand beds. Oh! There is also no indoor plumbing.


sande castle


Blog Author – Diana D. Bedding Expert

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