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Bedding We Love – Performance Bedding has recently added performance bedding to our line! These are great for those athletes who are looking to get a cool and great night’s sleep to wake up feeling rejuvenated for another hard day’s work out. These products are designed to wick away any moisture and keep your body at a regulated temperature. This prevents getting overly hot and uncomfortable which can lead to tossing and turning throughout the night.

Technogel ®  Pillows

The first product is the Technogel ®  Dough Memory Foam pillows! This comes from the makers of Dr.Scholl’s and the outcome has never provided a more comfortable and cool sleep. These Dough Memory foam pillows are created with a unique patented gel layer molded to the top. These allow the combination of cooling sensation of thermal regulation with unparalleled pressure relief.


SHEEX ®  Bedding

SHEEX ®  was inspired by the performance fabrics worn by athletes and consumers alike to help wick away moisture and keep athletes feeling cool. The idea of bringing this type of fabric into the bedrooms was developed by SHEEX ® for better sleep. SHEEX ®  bedding is sumptuously soft and unrivaled in terms of comfort and breathability. SHEEX ®  bedding is as durable as they are soft and won’t fade, wrinkle, or shrink.


MLily ®  Memory Foam Mattresses

MLily ®  is dedicated to bringing the highest quality memory foam mattresses to your bedroom at a reasonable price. The memory foam comes infused with bamboo to keep you cool throughout the night! Also, the memory foam is infused with aloe vera to create a luxuriously soft cover.  The support on these memory foam mattresses will help relieve pressure in areas most associated with athletes or people alike. They relieve back, neck, hip and shoulder pain.  The benefit of these mattresses is the CentriPur ®  certification, which means all are non-toxic.





Blog Author: Jesse Sanchez, Lead Bedding Expert

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The Ultimate Pillow Buying Guide For Back Sleepers

In a perfect world, back sleeping would be the best position to sleep because it is great for balancing out your body weight, keeping your internal organs aligned, and preventing neck and back pain. There are many great pillow options for back sleeping that will help keep you head aligned and not pushed too far forward.

Back Sleeping Benefits

1.  Makes it easy for your head, neck, and spine to maintain a neutral position.

2. Fights acid reflux

3.  Prevents wrinkles

Pillow Designs to Look for:

1.  Medium support

2. A little loft so that your head sinks in

3.  Thin pillows

Pillow fills to look for

Below are different fills that are good options for back sleepers. I have also included great examples of pillows that are great for back sleepers that won’t prop your head up too much causing neck ache.

Down and Feather

As a back sleeper, feather and down is a great option if you can find the right blend of feather and down to allow for a supportive yet lofty and comfortable pillow.

-Keep an eye out for an even blend of feather and down.

-Look for pillows with a loftier feel so that your head will sink it the right position.

Recommendations: Try a Pillowtex 50%White Goose Feather 50% White Goose Down Pillow or Pacific Coast ® Down Surround ® Pillows

Pacific Coast Down Surround

Polyester (Down Alternative)

Polyester fiber is great if you are looking for a pillow to keep its shape better than most. It’s a great pillow for those looking for a supportive pillow that won’t cause neck aches.

-Look for pillows made of softer polyester fiber or polyester clusters

-Don’t get anything that would be considered a firm version. The Polyester will stay in place and is not ideal for back sleepers.

Recommendations: Try Restful Nights ® Conformance Supreme or Restful Nights ® Ultraflow polyester pillow

Restful Nights Conformance Supreme

Memory Foam & Latex Pillows

There are some memory foam and latex foam pillows that have great qualities for a back sleeper.  This would highly depend on the loft and support of most.

-look for memory or latex foam pillows that are willing to conform easily

-Consider high loft plush so the top of your head sinks in and aligns correctly with your spine

-Contoured pillows can really help keep your neck from moving side to side.

Memory Foam Recommendations: Isotonic ® Exquisite Comfort Memory Foam or Malouf ® Contour Dough ® Memory Foam Pillow

Malouf dough memory foam

Latex Foam Recommendations: Malouf ® High Profile Plush Latex Pillow or Oxygen ® Standard Pillow Medium 1.5

Oxygen 2 pillow


Blog Author, Jesse, Lead Bedding Expert


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What’s New At – Diversifying & Expanding Our Inventory

Your home is your space, and your space should fit you. Everything in it says something about the person you are and want to be. A home should be comfortable to those living there because your home is fundamentally your sanctuary. We want everyone to be able to find something perfect for their home and so we’ve expanded to offer more than pillows and bedding. At, we have a host of new products that we’re very excited about!
The thing about most pillows is that they’re all pretty much pillow-shaped. Squares or rectangles, the image that comes to mind most frequently when discussing pillows is a cloth bag filled with fluff. Simple, yet effective—a classic design. Except now we’re offering a line of pillows that has taken that idea and burned the box it came in. Original Bones ® pillows by RestMate ® are uniquely shaped to provide head, neck, and lumbar support and their designs are anything but square.

Original bones pillows


Pillows don’t have to be boring and body pillows are no exception. Our new collection of body pillows from Carpenter ® is soft, fluffy, and brightly colored. Each of these enthusiastic pillows is covered in a plush fabric that’s soft and huggable—think snuggling with a litter of kittens, sans meowing and with better support. Perfect for lounging in comfort, these brightly colored pillows are available in an assortment of bright colors: vivid blue, shocking pink, electric yellow, luminous green, and oh-my-orange. These are definitely pillows with personality!

Carpenter bright body pillows

Having a single-purpose guest room can be convenient, but only when guests are visiting. For most of us, the space in our home is high value real estate and even a dedicated guest room ends up becoming a catch-all room for all of the extra things that don’t have a ready home elsewhere. Moreover, not having a space for a guest bed either means having no guests staying over, or inviting them over to crash on the couch. A folding bed frame, like those by Structures™ by Malouf’s ® HighRise line, means that you can have a guest over and be able to offer them an instant guest room, without sacrificing valuable space for a permanent bed. The best thing about these frames is that they fold up tiny for easy storage, but still have structure to support up to 2,500 pounds—more guest than will probably ever sleep there! Add a light mattress (a memory foam one works great!) and that’s still storable enough to stash in the closet. And if you’re stuck in a tiny studio or a one-bedroom with barely enough space for a single bed, their low-profile frames provide a sleek and modern option for a full-time bed. Even with its collapsible space-saving design, this bed still boasts a 13 inch clearance, which means that you don’t have to give up on under the bed storage to save space.



Just because your dog sleeps on your bed and steals your pillow doesn’t mean he shouldn’t have a bed of his own. Here at, we’ve expanded to include bedding for our quadruped friends. The Lee Orthopedic Dog Beds by Carpenter ® will give your pet an enviable place to sleep. Each one has an orthopedic foam fill that evenly distributes your pet’s weight for superior comfort, covered with a delightfully soft plush top. The removable cover is super convenient for clean-up and the tan suede sides make this bed fancier than your bed. It even has a non-skid bottom, which is a great way to prevent sliding from your dog’s enthusiastic bound to his bed—yes, it’s that comfortable



Water fountains don’t really fit in with pillows and bedding, but they certainly can add an element of relaxation to any room, an idea that we can definitely get behind. Because of this, we’re now offering a collection of water fountains by Bamboo Accents ®. This line features a set of fountain kits, allowing you the chance to customize your fountain to your personal style. Made from bamboo, these fountain kits are designed to fit on your bowl or container of choice, which is a great way to ensure that you have a completely unique piece. Also from Bamboo Accents, we have some neat shishi odoshi—rocking—fountains, which not only have a water-induced rocking motion (for more than just entertaining/tormenting house cats), but add a soft clacking sound to the trickling water. The meditative movement will step up the fanciness factor of your water feature or Zen garden.


They do say that diversification is the best way to stay fresh, and we think that these products are another step in our goal to help you build the perfect rest space in your home.

Blog Author, Faydra, Product adding ninja

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