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Spring has Sprung! Bedding Guide for Spring Time

Spring has sprung and summer is not far behind! Warmer weather is upon us and what better way to celebrate than by refreshing your bedding? It’s time to start packing away those heavy down comforters and switch to something that is sure to keep you cool at night. Your options are endless and at times overwhelming, which is why we have listed five easy ways to guide you through this transition.


Let’s start with pillows! Not many would think that a pillow can mean the difference between staying cool at night and waking up every so often to kick off the blankets. When we sleep we generate a lot of heat and it can be difficult to find a happy balance that allows us to reach maximum comfort. With a plethora of options at your disposal I have chosen the Technogels ® Classic Pillow that comes with a cooling layer. This layer will actually adjust to changing body temperatures to keep you cool and comfortable night after night, ensuring a great night’s sleep.


When we think of winter in regards to bedding a few words spring to mind but none more important than comfort. One of my favorite things about those colder months is climbing into bed and feeling enveloped by what feels like a warm fluffy cloud that just so happens to actually be my duvet cover. Every spring there is a little tinge of sadness when packing up my winter bedding but who says you can’t be just as comfortable in the spring as you were during winter? When looking for a spring comforter you want to pick out something that is light weight to ensure a cool body temperature throughout the night. A great alternative to a heavy down duvet is The Pacific Coast ® Satin Trim Down Blanket. Compared to that of a duvet, the down blanket has a lesser down content which makes it lighter-weight making it perfect for the warmer temperatures of spring.

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Once you’ve purchased your duvet blanket, one might wonder “how in the world do I keep this thing clean?” Duvet covers are often a forgotten novelty but there is no better way to protect your duvet blanket than by investing in a cover. A cover protects your comforter from dirt, liquid spills and for those of us with fur-babies, all the beautiful messes that our four legged friends inevitably create. One of our most popular brands 1888 Mills ® provides a beautiful selection of duvet covers that are available in a variety of colors. For those looking for a crisper, clean look 1888 Mills ® Magnificence Woven Stripe Duvet Cover is the choice for you! For those looking for something bold and colorful I would recommend the Amala Duvet Cover by Designers Guild ®. The duvet cover is beautiful and colorful but still maintains a respectable amount of elegance that will make any room all the more gorgeous.


Now onto accessories! After the arduous task of finding all the larger items for your bedroom, it’s time to start thinking about the smaller items that can really bring a room together. A nice duvet blanket is light and everything you want a spring blanket to be but for those who, like me, just like to lounge in bed and read a book, a blanket is sometimes just too much. Throws are a great alternative to a blanket and when you find the right one can be both chic and comfortable. For spring I would recommend the Thom Filicia ® Surf Blue Acrylic Throw. Not only does it come in the prettiest of blues but the blanket is also exceptionally soft while still remaining light and perfect for those breezy spring nights.


Lastly, decorative pillows! Some might regard decorative pillows as impractical seeing as the majority of us don’t actually use them for sleeping. However we know better and while these pillows are an added expense, sometimes they are just the thing that can pull a room together. Think of decorative pillows in terms of an outfit. It isn’t the clothing that can bring an outfit together but the accessories such as a bold statement necklace. Decorative pillows are the statement necklace of the bedding world. From funky patterns to flowery prints, there are an abundance of options! Designer Guild ® offers a variety of lovely and quite frankly, stunning patterns that are perfect for spring and are sure to add some life to your bedroom.

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The main thing to remember during this perennial process is to have fun and be creative. While your bedroom should be an oasis of comfort, it should also represent who you are. What better way to ensure both than by starting with a few simple swaps that will prepare you for the upcoming warmer seasons and brighten up your bedroom!


Blog Author: Diana D.| Bedding Expert

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How to Create a Hotel Bed at Home

A lot of us enjoy the hotel bed so much that we would like to re-create that particular bed in our own homes. I am going to explain how you can create a luxury feeling in your own bed so that you can enjoy your very own staycation bliss and get that sleep you received while on vacation.

Hotel bed

Many hotels have many layers stacked on their beds like a “bed sandwich” to be able to control loft, comfort, and temperature. This is important because it gives you the support that most people need but allows for comfort and softness that down brings to bedding while maintaining a comfortable temperature throughout the night.

Most hotel beds start with a featherbed. Featherbeds are great for adding an extra 3-6 inches of soft layer and puff to most beds. Depending on the amount of loft you would like the featherbed can go under a deep fitted sheet or on top of the fitted sheet under the top sheet.

 Hotel Featherbed

Next is the top sheet, which is then followed by a down comforter.  The down comforter can come in many weights, depending on the season, and can allow loft. Add another top sheet or duvet cover on top of the comforter as well.

Hotel Sheets hotel comforter

This allows most people to control the temperature of their bodies throughout the night because you get to choose how many layers you want to fall asleep under. Now add a coverlet for some color and luxury and you are almost done!

hotel duvet cover

                Next, comes one of the most important parts to sleep and luxury! The Pillows! The pillows on hotels “stand proud” and are often piled on to allow for a “buffet” of pillow selections. Most hotels offer a selection of down and feathers or polyester pillows to accommodate people with allergies. The best part of making your own hotel bed is that you can choose pillows that accommodate your needs. Most hotel beds have four pillows with a few throw pillows to accent the bedding.

Hotel Comforter


Hotel pillow disclaimer: It is important to keep in mind that most pillows ordered come brand new and often do not have the same feeling as the pillows in hotels. This is due to a daily fluffing and use of the pillows on constant bases. Most pillows are worn and broken in which is what cause them to have a different feeling. Contact our bedding experts if you need help in finding a pillow that is just right for you! offers many luxury suite packages from our most popular hotels. These packages include featherbeds, comforters, and pillows that most hotel beds use. These are great deals and you get a great night’s sleep as well. Remember that you can’t re-create the exact feel but you can come really close and even add your own personal touch as well. Sleep well. Live well.

Blog author: Jesse, Bedding expert and content

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Decorating For Fall

The seasons have begun to change, the days are shorter, leaves are changing color and hints of cooler temperatures are in the air. Fall is such a beautiful time of the year and with all of the gorgeous colors and textures around to inspire you to decorate your own home this season.

Bold fall colors are easy to incorporate into your décor and add a pop of color and warmth to your home. You can use contrasting colors like blues purples and greens to complement those beautiful shades of orange, yellow, red and brown. Something simple like trimming or collecting fallen branches with brilliantly colored leaves and placing those in a green or blue vase will add an elegant touch and warmth to your coffee table, mantle or desk. This is an easy and inexpensive way to bring the beauty of nature inside. If you can’t find branches or leaves, or if you are worried about dirt and bugs, you can also check out your local craft store and look for faux branches with fall leaves or berries. These faux accessories are pretty, durable and can be used year after year.

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Pumpkins are also a wonderful accessory for decorating with, and here you thought they were just used for carving on Halloween 🙂 On the contrary, in fact, you can use smaller gourds and pumpkins with softer colors to use as a casual centerpiece. Etch pumpkins with your initials in a unique font for a different look. Seasonal fruits and vegetables create a natural look indicative of the changing season at hand. Using these natural elements will lend a cozy, rustic look to your décor.

Simple things like switching your summer fabrics for warmer, heavier fabrics in rich shades can add a new look and help transition your home from summer to autumn as well. Trade in those linens and cottons for luxe velvets and cozy flannels or even Houndstooth and suede for a trendy autumn look. Use these fabrics in pillows, slipcovers or throw blankets draped over chairs or couches for a classy look that is also totally functional.

For the outside of your house, create a beautiful wreath to welcome guests inside from the crisp fall air. There are several ways that you can go with this. Again you can use fall foliage, fun pumpkins and gourds, pinecones or hard-shelled nuts for a festive look. Acorns and nuts can be glued to the wreath and complimented with a colored ribbon for an inviting look.

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Updating your décor for fall doesn’t have to be tricky, tacky or expensive. Simple changes can change your entire look. Out of ideas? Just take a walk outside and you’ll be sure to find inspiration around every corner.

Blog Author: Monique, Customer service and web content

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