10 Cute Sleepy Animals

Your day might be dragging, so we decided to put together a post on our favorite subject: Here is a compilation of cute baby animals sleeping! Try not to Aww..I dare you!

1. This beautiful blue eyed Husky has just been integrated into my group of closest friends! His name is Kane. Although he is not sleeping, I wanted to introduce him!

Kane 2

2. Sometimes cute kittens can’t help but fall asleep while snacking.

Sleeping Cat on Food

3. This pug can’t help but start to fall asleep with his tongue out.


4. Sea otters hold hands while sleeping so they don’t drift away from each other.


5. This brown bear seems to be pretty comfortable sleeping sitting up and on a log.


6. Does anyone else get reminded of the Lion King from this picture of the lion and meerkat sleeping?

Lion and meerkat

7. This baby pig looks nice and comfy under that soft blanket.

Pig sleeping

8. Sometimes the whole family needs to sleep! Look at these pups sleep with their baby human.

Family Sleep

9. This dog has taken a liking to the turtle and his pillow like shell.

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10. Sometimes we all need a comfortable dog to nap on. Sometimes we need two for maximum comfort.

Girl sleepin on dog


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