Bedding We Love – Performance Bedding has recently added performance bedding to our line! These are great for those athletes who are looking to get a cool and great night’s sleep to wake up feeling rejuvenated for another hard day’s work out. These products are designed to wick away any moisture and keep your body at a regulated temperature. This prevents getting overly hot and uncomfortable which can lead to tossing and turning throughout the night.

Technogel ®  Pillows

The first product is the Technogel ®  Dough Memory Foam pillows! This comes from the makers of Dr.Scholl’s and the outcome has never provided a more comfortable and cool sleep. These Dough Memory foam pillows are created with a unique patented gel layer molded to the top. These allow the combination of cooling sensation of thermal regulation with unparalleled pressure relief.


SHEEX ®  Bedding

SHEEX ®  was inspired by the performance fabrics worn by athletes and consumers alike to help wick away moisture and keep athletes feeling cool. The idea of bringing this type of fabric into the bedrooms was developed by SHEEX ® for better sleep. SHEEX ®  bedding is sumptuously soft and unrivaled in terms of comfort and breathability. SHEEX ®  bedding is as durable as they are soft and won’t fade, wrinkle, or shrink.


MLily ®  Memory Foam Mattresses

MLily ®  is dedicated to bringing the highest quality memory foam mattresses to your bedroom at a reasonable price. The memory foam comes infused with bamboo to keep you cool throughout the night! Also, the memory foam is infused with aloe vera to create a luxuriously soft cover.  The support on these memory foam mattresses will help relieve pressure in areas most associated with athletes or people alike. They relieve back, neck, hip and shoulder pain.  The benefit of these mattresses is the CentriPur ®  certification, which means all are non-toxic.





Blog Author: Jesse Sanchez, Lead Bedding Expert

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