Decorating with Pillows (Part 1)

Express your style with the simple yet expressive use of decorative pillows.  Add a splash of color to a neutral room.  Bring a bold color to enrich and tie together any patterns in a room.  Pillows make a bold yet subtle change to any room in your home.  The pillows you choose from pattern, color and how they are displayed says more than you think.

I like to change things around in my home.  However, it can get costly changing furniture, carpet etc.  Adding a few pillows here and there does wonders.  This is a simple and cost effective way to transform any room.  The variety to choose from is enormous but if you know your style it makes things easier.  The couch I have at home came with pillows and as nice as they are they match a little too much.  I like adding different shapes with similar colors.  This can be tricky since my husband is more simple and orderly.  I guess this is why we compliment each other and bring the same to our home. We like our home to be lived in and welcoming to everyone.

Here are my top tips on decorating your home with pillows:

  • Adding pillows in bold common colors set up a clean structured look to a room.  This tends to show you have a more modern expression.
  • Pillows with complimenting hues in a color family displayed on your sofa and or chairs will show you to be more traditional in your decorating.  You can use teals, browns, burgundy, tan.

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  • Decorating with pillows that have a whimsical look and softer colors in varying sizes will bring a more romantic look to your room.  Using pale yellows, soft pinks,


  • If you enjoy a casual feel to your room add a split to the top of your pillows.  Simply hit the side of your hand (like a karate chop) on the top of the pillow in the middle. This gives a more relaxed lived-in feel to the room.


  • You can show you’re a bit outgoing with an eclectic array of pillows.  Display several sizes and mixed colors in the room.  Use orange, blue, reds rich colors.  The room is inviting and shows a fun side of you.

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Decorating using pillows you will be able to give every room in your home an individual feel.  Your guests will want to continue to visit to see what’s next.  Have fun and make a simple yet big change to your rooms.

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Author Bio: Jodi just recently celebrated her 6 month work anniversary with . Her chic style and taste has greatly  improved our decorative pillow and home decor selection.  Jodi enjoys spending time with her 3 kids, decorating cakes, and crafting. Her favorite pillow is the  Koni Pillow Insert with Leaf Pattern.

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