Designer Spotlight: Thom Filicia

This week we are featuring Thom Filicia, a wonderful designer with a taste for sophistication with a modern twist. Thom Filicia has earned widespread acclaim and has styled homes for celebrities as well as big names in the world of finance, media and hospitality, among others. His New-American Style manages to blend modern looks with classic features in a way that creates a fashionable, inviting aesthetic. Thom’s looks are stunning and have earned him countless accolades in the world of design and has launched him to interior-design stardom

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After a very successful run with his own New York City-based design firm, Thom Filicia Inc. which he opened in 1998, Thom was cast for Bravo’s new show Queer Eye for the Straight Guy in 2003.  The basis of the show was to help straight men learn to improve different areas of their lives, i.e. the way that they dress, food and wine knowledge, grooming practices and Thom’s specialty of course, interior design. The show went on to win an Emmy and Thom’s design acumen and warm personality earned him a huge following. He went on to design and guest star on multiple TV shows including The Oprah Winfrey Show, Good Morning America and The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, to name a few.

Photo Credit: Photo by: Eric Piasecki
Photo Credit:
Photo by: Eric Piasecki

These design endorsements greatly contributed to his already diverse portfolio which includes designing for first-class hotels around the world. Thom Filicia also embraced eco-friendly design and incorporated this sustainable practice in one of his most noted projects, designing the Riverhouse, Manhattan’s first premium LEED-certified green luxury condo. This won him a coveted merit award by Interior Design Magazine for the “Best Eco-Residential Design Interior.”

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Thom Felicia’s stunning aesthetic has won him numerous awards as well as love from both designers and consumers alike. His flair for modern sophistication, and his mission to design for the way we live now, is what launched him to designer super stardom. Thom continues to create spectacular designs around the world that are sure to continue his legacy as one of the biggest designers of modern times.

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