Eco-friendly Hotels: What questions should I ask?

Summer is quickly approaching, meaning it’s time for shorts, hats, flip-flops, and of course vacations! You are probably thinking that vacations can be taken year round, which is true, however; vacations in the summer seem to be more fun. When I travel with friends, we love to scope out and research which hotels are the most eco-friendly. Everyone today wants to be conscious of the environment and by asking specific questions, you can find the eco-friendly hotel for you!

Are they certified?: In order for any hotel to be considered eco-friendly they have to follow guidelines that give the a seal of approval to be considered eco-friendly. There are numerous agencies that will certify hotels to be eco-friendly, however only one of these agencies is the top dog. The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) is by far the most widely known program to certify a hotel as eco-friendly. Created by the U.S. Green Building Council the LEED program designs a framework that buildings and hotels can use to become more eco-friendly. When a hotel is certified by LEED it means that they have implemented procedures to help reduce the carbon footprint left by these hotels. Platinum is the highest a hotel can earn, when it comes to being eco-friendly. When I go into an eco-friendly hotel, I always ask what the hotel is doing to be greener, in addition to finding the best bang for my buck (because I am a broke college kid).

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Where is your money going?: Hotels can be expensive, but it can be worth the price if you know where your money is going. I always ask what sort of projects or upgrades my money goes too. Eco-friendly hotels are constantly trying to stay up with the latest and greatest technology to keep up with the ever changing world. Some of the projects may include eco-friendly cleaning agents, replacement of current fixtures to ones which are more environmentally conscious  Another project you could ask your eco-friendly hotel is what are you trying to do to use more solar power, wind energy, ect. In addition to eco-friendly practices in the hotel, there are also some hotels who have taken the next step and invested in eco-friendly bedding.

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Do you have eco-friendly linens?: My favorite part of any hotel is the linens that I get to sleep on. A comfortable bed is a plus, but comfortable sheets make it so much more comfortable. There are many types of linens out there that are made from natural products, but the most common is a bamboo blend, and those sheets are absolutely comfortable. (I had a pair of leggings made of bamboo and rayon, most comfortable leggings ever!) There is also organic cotton bedding which is comfortable as well. Eco friendly pillows are also all the rage too. Buckwheat pillows allow cool air around and under the skull, making you feel much cooler. These pillows are also excellent for those who are allergic to down. ( Check out our selection of bamboo sheets)

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The biggest key to making sure  you get the best eco-friendly hotel is to do your research. I know that most of us (me included) haven’t done real in-depth research when it comes to hotels. By simply researching not only do you have the knowledge of what ammenities and eco-friendly services each hotel has to offer. Don’t be afraid to call and ask the front desk or customer service representative what discounts they offer for eco-friendly travlers. Please feel free to check out for eco-friendly sheets and pillows!

Have a fabulous day!

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