How to Clean a Pillow

As we know, our pillows are where we rest our heads for the night. Pillows get dirty from body oils, sweat and saliva that seep into the pillow while we sleep. We can’t really control these natural bodily functions, but we can take other preventative measures that will keep our pillows from getting dirty. Here are a few tips to keep help keep our pillows clean:

We can keep a pillowcase on our pillows and wash the pillowcases once a week along with our sheets. For added protection, we may place two pillowcases on each pillow.  Put a zippered pillow cover on our pillows under the pillowcases. This will help protect the pillows from yellowing; they will also help to keep dust mites out. Remove and wash the pillow covers once a month. Take note that pillow covers are different from pillow cases. They are made of materials that don’t allow body oils and other fluids to seep into the pillow itself.

Moreover, we should wash our pillows three to four times a year. Read the tag on your pillows for specific care instructions, and adhere closely to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Make sure the pillow is completely dry before putting pillow cases back on.

Eventually, all pillows need to be replaced, no matter how well we care for them. Here is a way to identify a pillow that is no longer doing its job.  Simply fold the pillow in half; if the pillow springs back, it is still in good shape. However, if the pillow does not unfold itself, it needs to be replaced. If you are especially prone to allergies then you might want to change your pillow more frequently to avoid dust build up that’s inevitable over time. Bottom line, we would recommend changing your pillows every 2-3 years, and once a year if you have trouble with allergies.

Blog Author: Jerry, Quality Control Manager

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