How to start a simple sleep routine for adults.

When I think of a sleep routine, I think of babies. Little humans thrive on sleep routines. At what point did we assume adults don’t need a sleep routine too? The science is there, adults definitely need a sleep routine to ensure they get the best sleep possible. 

If you are anything like me, figuring out a new healthy routine can feel overwhelming. The thing about a sleep routine is it doesn’t need to be fancy. You don’t need lots of new products or gimmicky gadgets. Here are a few easy sleep routine steps that anyone can do right away.

  • Take a warm shower an hour before bedtime. You don’t have to wash your hair, just get a shower cap and soak in all that warm water. “Your circadian rhythm, which is your sleep-wake cycle, is guided by your body temperature and light,” says sleep specialist Whitney Roban, PhD. “You want your body temperature to decrease in order for melatonin to increase. When you get out of a hot shower, your body temperature is going to drop, and the production of your melatonin is going to increase. And that will help you feel sleepy.” 
  • Keep the lights dim! Avoiding bright light before bedtime will help you maintain a healthy sleep cycle.
  • Keep your bedroom a sleep only zone, well except for that other thing you can do in the bedroom. You want your bedroom to be a sleeping only zone. Don’t work, eat, or watch shows/movies in bed. When you create this sleeping only boundary, your brain will notice and know when it is time to sleep. 
  • Leave the phone/computer out of the bed! Your eyes need a break away from that nasty blue light. The Blue light loves to interrupt your natural sleep cycle. Read a book instead or do some 4-7-8 breathing exercises to help wind down.

When you start your new sleep routine, just remember to create a space that is calming and consistent. Let me know what is in your sleep routine in the comment section!

If you are concerned about the lack of sleep you are getting, talk to a doctor. It can be dangerous to not get the sleep your mind and body need.


Dana Fry

The Bedding Expert

54 Replies to “How to start a simple sleep routine for adults.”

  1. I appreciate learning more about a good nights sleep. Hope to win a new a pillow to sleep on at night via the Instagram giveaway!

  2. The lights is so true. We had a tv in our room and I never had a problem but then we got a bigger tv for our room and it is so bright since it is bigger that I can not fall asleep when my husband is watching it.

  3. Great tips that I follow every night and I also like to lower the thermostat for a cooler atmosphere, that always helps me sleep better too.

  4. Great tips! I love my room dark & cool. And, I have a diffuser on the nightstand for some smells good as I drift off to sleep! 🙂

  5. These tips will be so helpful for me since I have no sleep routine. I will definitely give them a try because I do not sleep well at all!

  6. I do everything but keep my phone out of my bedroom. I have it nearby as I use it as an alarm. I need a quiet and dark room to sleep and I also use a mask to block out the any light that comes in through my blinds.

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