Decorating With Pillows- Part 2

Pillows offer so much variety today when you decorate a room.  You can keep the cost of your renovation to a minimum.  How exciting is that to hear!  The options are endless when you update from season to season, choosing colors and/or patterns.

You can have fun mixing colors, patterns and shapes.  The simple rectangle and square shapes are just the beginning.  When you’re looking to add or change your pillows you want to evaluate their function.  The typical square or euro shape is your basic go to decorative pillow.  This pillow functions to give full back support or as the focal point of the room.  Bring a boring chair to life with a colorful square pillow.  You can consider using a euro pillow as a sleeping pillow as they do in most European countries.  This pillow offers a great dual purpose giving the room the perfect accent by day.  Restful nights while you sleep.

The rectangle pillows are going to offer lower or lumbar support.  This pillow will usually be found on a couch (sofa), as an accent for your bed.  You can add these pillows to an oversized chair to compliment the other pillows in the room.  Mix it up to add dimension.

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Remember you still have many other shapes to choose from when looking to change your room.  The bolster pillow gives a great deal of support for your lower back and neck support.  You will typically find the bolster pillow in a bedroom to break up the traditional pillows.  While you read in bed use the bolster to hold your head comfortably in place.  You will be happy you no longer have to fluff your pillows.

I must remember the circle, triangle and many other unique shapes available today.  These additional shapes add a lot of fun to a room especially decorating a child’s room.

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When choosing a pillow you want to take into account the size of your furniture.  You want balance; if you have a narrow couch (sofa) you don’t want oversized pillows.  Over sized pillows are usually floor pillows, you will be more comfortable playing games around the coffee table.

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Adding decorative pillows brings a lot to any room.  It is pleasing to the eye to decorate with an odd number of pillows.  Placing the pillows on your couch add dimension by placing the smaller number in front.  The smallest pillow should have the most color or embellishment.  You want to bring together the main colors in the room.  You can bring out colors in your favorite painting with the pillows you choose.  You can mix patterns like polka dots and stripes, textured pillows and solids, geometric patterns and floral patterns.  Remember not to add too many patterns because the room will appear cluttered and you lose the focal point.

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When you have so many options you can buy a decorative pillow in most any pattern or color.  You can buy a pillow insert and cover or make your own cover.   Keep in mind you want your insert to be at least 2 inches bigger than the cover.  This will ensure your pillow cover looks its best and is full to give you the best support.  Should your couch (sofa) be smooth you want to have a pillow with texture so you and your guests don’t slide onto the floor.

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The best recommendation I have is to have fun decorating with pillows.  You will have your family and guests wondering what they will see next!

Blog Author: Jodi, Product Development Manager





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