How bedding can help reduce back pain

If you are experiencing back pains and aches in the mornings the first thing you should do is look at your mattress. It should be firm enough to support your back but not hard and uncomfortable. If there is a noticeable warp or groove it is time to replace the mattress. There are ways to make your mattress more comfortable and to your liking if it does not need to be replaced. A mattress topper or featherbed can make your sleeping experience more enjoyable. Mattress toppers are about 2 inches and add only a slight difference to your mattress. A featherbed is thick and adds more support and softness to your mattress. Continue reading “How bedding can help reduce back pain”

Practical Tips for Business Travel

Due to my position at Pacific Pillows, I am often required to take business trips and visit our new factories to check on the quality and quantity of our goods before shipment to the United States. Our factories are located in scattered regions throughout China. Some of these places include Guillin City, Hangzhou City, and Wenzhou City. Since I have to travel often I put together several practical tips for making a business trip as comfortable as possible.  Continue reading “Practical Tips for Business Travel”

Interesting, Fun and Weird Non-Traditional Alarm

If you are anything like me, you are prone to setting an alarm and hitting snooze three to four times before actually waking up to get ready for the day. This is exceptionally true for those who sleep with a more traditional alarm clock that allows you to hit the snooze button as many times as you would like. For me, the toughest part of waking up is physically getting out of bed due to being so comfortable. Below is a list of non-traditional alarm clocks that require you to get out of bed and require some mental exercise to get you to wake up and start the day.

Weight Mat Alarm Clock– This is for the people who are awake mentally when the alarm clock goes off but would rather stay in their comfy oasis of blankets and softness. The Weight Mat Alarm clock is a rug that displays the time in the center of the rug and has a built in alarm clock. When the alarm sounds it forces you to get out of bed and step on the mat to turn it off.

carpet alarm |

Puzzle Alarm Clock– This particular Alarm requires using your mental capabilities that you lack after just waking up. When the alarm sounds the pieces of a puzzle go flying in the air, and you have to return the colored shapes to the correct places in order to shut it off. This will get you noodle engine running in time to start the day off.

Puzzle clock |

Continue reading “Interesting, Fun and Weird Non-Traditional Alarm”