The Ultimate Pillow Buying Guide For Stomach Sleepers

As a stomach sleep you risk a lot of negative drawbacks with potential neck and back pain. This is why it is essential to find the right pillow for stomach sleeping. Knowing the different type of stomach sleeper pillows can help reduce pain and aches in the morning and allow a comfortable sleep through the night so you wake up feeling rejuvenated.


Stomach Sleeping Benefits

1. Can relieve pressure on your disc spaces

2. Keeps your upper airways open

3. Good for easing snoring

Pillow designs to look for:

1.Very thin/low loft

2.Very Soft

3. Easily moldable and shapeable

Pillow fills to look for

These are different fills to look for in a pillow that will benefit a stomach sleeper. I have also included great examples of stomach sleeper pillows.

Down & Feather

Feather and down options always have the softer pillows that can be easily manipulated to the shape you enjoy the most. Since feather and down spreads out more than your typical polyester fill pillow it is recommend for a stomach sleeper.

-You want to look for a pillow that has a larger percentage of down in it.

-Look for a pillow with low fill ounces. As a stomach sleeper you want to ensure a thin pillow.

Recommendations: Try a Down Lite ® White Goose Down pillow or Down ETC ® White Goose Down Pillow

Polyester (Down Alternative)

Polyester is made to mimic down for those who are allergic to down and feathers. It’s the second best option for stomach sleepers if you can find a thin and soft pillow.

-Look for low fill ounces on polyester pillows

-Keep an eye out for polyester fiber or gelled blown polyester. Polyester clusters add loft to a pillow and can lift your head too high.

Recommendations: Try the Phoenix Down Pleasant Pillow or the Restful Nights® Trillium Pillow

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Memory Foam & Latex Pillows

Memory foam is not recommended for stomach sleepers. Latex Foam pillows have a few options that come in low profile plush and can work for some stomach sleepers.

-Look for plush and low profile.

-Talalay Latex is natural and a better option when looking for a latex pillow.

Recommendations: Try the Malouf ® Low Loft Plush Memory Foam Pillow or Restful Nights ® Latex Pillow

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If you need more recommendations, please feel free to reach out to us! Our bedding experts are available M-F 10am-5pm ET at 1-800-720-6973

Blog author: Jesse, Bedding Expert Team Lead

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  1. Hi. Just want to mention we just purchased a new mattress top quality memory foam, not in the the box mattress by the way. I’m a stomach sleeper and have tried numerous pillows from reg. to bamboo to the recent one I purchased from club price a memory foam, it just does not do the trick I always wake up with stiff neck, back pain and hurting shoulders, by the way mattress has not come in yet will be delivered this Saturday.As of now my max price that I can spend is 50$ to 60$ Canadian dollars not much I guess? Do you have anything you might recommend? Just would like to add for some reason when sleeping on my stomach I tend to use the bootm have corner of the pillow to rest my head and not the center middle. Am I strange to do that or what? it seems to be the most comfortable to me. thanks again.. Bill

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