Practical Tips for Business Travel

Due to my position at Pacific Pillows, I am often required to take business trips and visit our new factories to check on the quality and quantity of our goods before shipment to the United States. Our factories are located in scattered regions throughout China. Some of these places include Guillin City, Hangzhou City, and Wenzhou City. Since I have to travel often I put together several practical tips for making a business trip as comfortable as possible. 

First off, I will always book a flight well in advance. This gives me comfort in saving money but also allows for me to choose a seat that will be the most comfortable for my needs. Choosing a seat with the least amount of cramped space can make it easier to move around. Second, sleep is the best way to pass a long flight. I often bring along a U-shaped memory foam pillow, an eye mask, and earplugs so that I may take advantage of every opportunity to sleep. U-shaped pillows are very helpful for sleeping in an upright position since this could prevent unwanted strain in the neck and back. These can range from polyester, latex foam and memory foam pillows. I recommend choosing the one that fits your comfort needs, but I prefer The United Feather and Down U-Shaped Pillow (see image below) since it holds up my neck during flight naps

Third, I eat light before the flight and often bring my own snacks. Finally, if I cannot fall asleep, I will get up and move around. Sitting in one place for an extended amount of time is uncomfortable and can actually cause injury to your body. When it is safe to “move freely about the cabin” I will do so from time to time to give my muscles and joints a chance to stretch. These travel tips work for me and I would recommend them to all business travelers

Author: Jerry, International Quality Control Manager

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