Why Working for a Small Business Rocks!

It’s the middle of National Small Business week and as I look around the office, I see and hear a lot of small business activity buzzing around me. The Director of Operations is helping a customer on the phone so that we answer as many customer calls as possible, the CEO is in the warehouse making sure our hard working Shipping Assistants stay on top filling today’s orders, and the Product Inventory Manager is giving advice on a blog post to our Content Manager. This moment beautifully represents why I love working for a small business- We are all here to help out in any way to keep the company growing successfully. That’s why I personally love working for our company, but in case you’ve never worked for a small business, let me elaborate on why working for a small business absolutely ROCKS!

Never a boring work day – As I briefly illustrated above, there are times during the day that we each have to step outside our job positions for the good of the company. Not everyone would like this part of working for a small business, but I love it since you constantly have the chance to gain experience in all areas of the company. My day never follows the same routine and I’ve found that I enjoy working in other departments that are outside of marketing. One of these tasks outside of marketing that I’ve experienced is selecting products from the website and pricing them. I gained real experience on how to price merchandise; this knowledge also enhanced our marketing campaigns since I knew which products were just added to the site and thus which ones would do well in product offers.

Results from your effort- Every single employee of PacificPillows.com can see the direct impact they have on the company. Every goal we achieve is a huge victory and nothing goes unnoticed. I’ve worked for big companies in the past where the owner had no clue what I had accomplished in the past 3 months. Here, each employee is aware of the big projects going on in the company and therefore where their skills align and could help out.

 We are family! My favorite part of our company is the people. Since we have a team less than 20, everyone has a close relationship. Each birthday is celebrated, each company outing is a blast, and business trips are never awkward. We not only like each other as people, but every employee understands and values our company goals and purpose to make sure we bring a better night’s sleep to all of our customers. Check out some of the fun times I’ve had with my PacificPillows.com fam!

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Three of us went to a internet retail conference in Chicago! There was an oxygen bar in the vendor exhibitor hall that we just had to experience! We also got to do some sightseeing!


We go on a company outing 2-3 times a year. Our last one we all went to a Rockies baseball game!

What’s your favorite part of working for a small business? Comment below!

Blog Author: Chelsea, Director of Marketing