The Power of Sleep Technology

Getting quality sleep has been a major problem for many people. Sure, old school tricks like warm milk before bed or adding more magnesium to your diet do help you sleep better, but this is the technology age, so I’m going to focus on sleek gadgets and even phone apps that will have you waking up ready to go in the morning. Sleep technology is usually hit or miss, but these devices and apps are fantastic for getting that quality night’s sleep that you deserve.


One of the biggest problems when falling asleep at night is an overactive brain. When your brain is in the beta state, you have no chance of drifting into a blissful sleep. The Glo To Sleep Mask made by Sound Oasis helps your mind transition from the beta state to the relaxed alpha state. The mask works by combining a meditative idea with modern technology. Inside the mask are blue lights that you charge by holding the “points of glow” to a light source for about 30 seconds. Once fully charged, you slip on the mask and lay down for bed. While you’re lying in bed, you take deep breaths and either stare at the glow lights or close your eyes until you drift into deep sleep. The mask blocks out all surrounding light and is breathable so your face doesn’t get too hot or moist. The blue lights glow for a certain amount of time, and are designed to gradually fade allowing you to fall asleep naturally. The great thing about this mask is that it gives you a chance to clear your mind and cuts off all outside light that stops melatonin production. It’s a nice alternative to your standard eye cover, and comes at a great price – $30.






If you don’t like wearing anything while you sleep, Beddit may be your preferred option.  Beddit is a thin film sensor that tracks useful data by simply placing it in your bed under your sheet. It collects data from four major factors that reflect the type of sleep you’re getting: heart rate, respiration, sleep cycles and sleep time. Your resting heart rate is an important indicator of recovery and stress level. Your respiratory rate is tracked to follow your stress levels and also if you snore during the night. Beddit tracks your sleep cycles by movement during sleep and recognizes which sleep stage you are in. Beddit also recognizes when you are asleep by absences from your bed, times you’re awake at night and even problems related to your sleep cycle. After the data is collected at night, Beddit sends all the information to your smart phone via Bluetooth. The app is super customizable, so after you see the graphs and data of your night’s sleep you can go in and set sleep goals and personalize your profile so the app gives you suggestions on how to improve sleep quality.  The kit is a bit pricey ($149) but it’s one of the higher end gadgets




Most apps you find for your phone are going to be full of “soothing sounds” that are supposed to help you sleep, but how often do they really work. The Insomnia Cure app is one of the more helpful apps you can download for your iPhone. The app was designed by Max Kirsten who is internationally renowned for his highly acclaimed apps for weight loss and help stop smoking. This app comes with hours of audio content to help transition into natural sleep, as well as 40+ pages of insomnia tips and sleep learning tools. The app is $2.99 and extremely useful for those who have trouble falling asleep every night.




Just for kicks, sleep talk is a fun app that actually records you while you sleep to see if you’re in the 5% of adults that sleep talk regularly. You open the app before bed, and it records you while canceling out all external noise. You will wake up and either here nothing, loud snoring, or hilarious conversations you are having while you sleep. There’s even a place where you can share your sounds and listen to other people’s funny sleep commentary. The app is only $1 on iTunes, so give it a try for pure amusement purposes.



Good sleep is something most people don’t get on a night to night basis. Sleep is important to your overall health and mental state, so it is essential to get quality rest every night.  Comfortable bedding is always helpful, but for those who need extra help sleeping most certainly can turn to technology. These gadgets and apps may not be for everyone, but they are beneficial and are great options for a healthier lifestyle and improved sleep.