What does your sleep position say about you?

We all like to try and better understand who we are. We look at our horoscopes and we take buzzfeed quizzes but is there another way to understand our personalities? Well, I say we can by taking a look at what sleep position we like.

1.  Fetal Position/Side

The Fetal Position is the most common sleep position. Imagine you are a tiny baby curled up in your mother’s womb. That is what the fetal position is. Knees pushed up and laying on your side. A lot of people will bring their hands together and sleep like a snug little curled up ball. Sleep specialists believe that this is the healthiest sleep position. It is the best for people who suffer back pain because it causes the least amount of strain on the neck and back joints. The best pillow for this sleep position is a higher loft medium to firm support pillow to keep you neck and spine in alignment while sleeping on your side.

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* Personality traits for people who sleep in a Fetal Position are said to have a tough on the outside, but be a softy on the inside. Someone who might seem shy when you first meet them but open up easily and actually love to be social. Side sleepers tend to be high energy people with active hobbies.

2. The Back Sleeper

The Back Sleeper Position is most commonly done in two ways. 1. The Sleepy Soldier, where your hands are straight down to your side and legs straight. With the right mattress and pillow this Sleepy Soldier Position can be the best to keep your neck and back in alignment. The best pillow for this sleep position is a low loft medium support pillow.

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* The Sleepy Soldier personality is strong, silent, and focused. They don’t like a lot of fuss. They typically love structure and are a type A personality.  They are very caring but hold people accountable for their actions. The Sleepy Soldier Sleeper are very loyal and care deeply for their friends and family. They will go out of their way to help a loved one in need. Just don’t get on their bad side.

The 2nd most common Back Sleeper Position is the Shooting Star They typically have their hands above their head and one leg bent. They truly look like they don’t have a care in the world while they are sleeping. A great pillow for this sleep position is a low/medium loft pillow with a soft/medium support level. Regular Shape Pillow- Featured at Many IHG ® Hotels https://www.pillows.com/ihgregs.html

* People who sleep in the Shooting Star position have a style all their own. They are lovable and loyal. They like to be a shoulder to cry on and be available to help others in need. They make their friends and family a high priority. Don’t let their niceness fool you though. Just as they can fiercely love they can equally dislike those who wrong them. I bet that “mysterious” guy I liked in college was a Shooting Star sleeper…..

3. Stomach Sleeper

There are a few different ways to be a stomach sleeper. 1. The Yearner is half side sleeper and half stomach sleeper. Imagine you are on your side yet your top leg is bent over with your knee touching the mattress and your stomach slightly touching the bed. The best pillow for a Yearner is a low loft firm pillow.

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* Studies show that people who like to sleep in the Yearner position are open and inviting. Probably like to be the center of attention. They can get a little suspicious of people and tend to be cynical. Yearners tend to be impulsive, quick to make decisions but rarely have regrets. The Yearner is the type of person who has a timeshare in Iceland and has a pet chameleon name Pascal just because Rapunzel had one. Can you tell yet that this is my sleep position?

2. The Free Fall sleeper love to sleep directly on their bellies with their arms to their sides or underneath their pillow. A great pillow for a Free Fall sleeper is a low loft soft pillow. Some may like a low loft firm pillow as well.

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* The Free Fall Sleeper is a very social person who wants to be where the crowd is. Free Fall sleepers may seem like a free spirit but they can secretly have anxiety or a nervous side to them. They can also have a very sensitive personality so be careful with how you criticize them. The mantra of the Free Fall sleeper is “rules control the run”

The great thing about Pillows.com is we have such a large selection of pillows that we will have something for any kind of sleep position. Not sure which one is best for you? Check out our Pillow Finder on our website or contact our bedding experts at Sleepbetter@pillows.com or call


How to make your bed and pillows feel like a luxury hotel

Nothing is better than sliding into a cloud-like hotel bed and it is even better when it is your bed at home. One of the reasons we all love climbing into a hotel bed is by feeling all snuggly with the tightly fitted sheets. Making your bed with this step by step process will make this chore easy and will set a good tone for the rest of the day!

Dana at pillows.com

Step 1- Bottom Sheet

Make sure the bottom sheet is tucked tightly around the entire mattress. This is the base of the sheets!

Dana at pillows.com

Step 2- Top Sheet

Next, you will place your top sheet on the mattress. Lay this flat sheet 7-8 inches from the top of the mattress, so there is enough sheet to make and edges and to tuck in along the foot of the bed! Tuck in the sheet along the foot of the bed and leave out the corner sheets.

Dana at pillows.com

Step 3- Tackling on the Corners

The corners are probably the trickiest part of this entire process. But don’t be scared because once you do it once you will see how truly easy it is. To get the crisp, edges that hotel beds have is actually easier than it looks. Now let’s focus on the corners. Lift the sheet in half and tuck that “tail” part into the mattress, then take the other have and tuck that in to create a clean cut crease. Repeat this on the other side to matching corners!

Dana at pillows.com

Dana at pillows.com

Dana at pillows.com

Dana at pillows.com

Dana at pillows.com


Step 4- Comforter

Add your favorite comforter or duvet. Hotels usually use duvet covers over comforters to make the comforters nice and clean and have the comforter last longer. The duvet covers are typically 100% cotton to make it breathable.

Dana at pillows.com

Step 5- Fluffing your pillow

Next step is fluffing pillows! Hotel pillows are typically down and feather pillows, which require daily fluffing. To ensure your pillow stays full and lofty, squish the pillow in and out which pushes air into the down and feather clusters to make the pillow full! There is truly not a right or wrong trick to this however, daily fluffing is a big MUST do. 

Dana at pillows.com

Dana at pillows.com


Step 6- Pillow protector

Next step is to put a pillow protector around your pillow. A pillow protector will help keep the pillow full and lofty! A secret tip to make this step a little easier is to fold the top two corners while using your arm in the middle of the pillow to flatten out the pillow. Slide the pillow into the pillow protector and release it once it is all the way in. Place the pillowcase over this using the same process. Fluff the pillow to have it sit nicely in the pillowcase. Next, by just grabbing the edge of the pillowcase, use a downward shaking motion to push the pillow to the bottom of the pillowcase. Next is a BIG housekeeping secret, do a fold and tuck with the extra pillowcase fabric to create a seal. Straighten out the edges to make a clean crease. This will method will tighten the pillowcase around the pillow and actually create a better feel and support of your pillows. 

Dana at pillows.com

Dana at pillows.com

Dana at Pillows.com

Dana at Pillows.com

Dana at Pillows.com

Dana at Pillows.com

Step 7- Finishing Touches

Straighten out the pillows and make sure everything is wrinkle free! And that’s it! A hotel-quality bed in the comfort of your own home!

Dana at Pillows.com

Bedding Expert Tips

What you need on your bed you ask?

4 pillows. 2 soft and 2 firm

Soft sheets

Comforter with a duvet cover

1 light weight blanket at the foot of the bed. THAT’S IT!

Our 5 top-selling hotel pillows are:

  1. Pacific Coast Down Surround Pillow featured in Many Marriott Hotelshttps://www.pillows.com/pacodosupife.html
  2. Down Dreams Classic Firm Pillow featured in Many Hilton Properties– https://www.pillows.com/hilton-down-dreams.html
  3. Down Dreams Classic Soft Pillow featured in Many Hilton Propertieshttps://www.pillows.com/down-dreams-pillow-hilton.html
  4. Down Etc. 75% White Goose Feather/ 25% White Goose Down Pillow- Featured at St. Julien Hotel & Spahttps://www.pillows.com/st-julien-pillow-downetc.html
  5. Pacific Coast Double Down Surround Pillow- Formerly Featured in Many Ritz-Carlton Hotels- https://www.pillows.com/pacododosupi2.html



Hotel Duvets and Comforters


  1. Pacific Coast Down Comforters- retail version of the comforter used in many Marriott Propertieshttps://www.pillows.com/madoduc.html
  2. Asheville Comforter- Similar to the Comforter Found in Many Hilton Hotelshttps://www.pillows.com/asheville-comforter-hilton.html
  3. Pillowtex ® Classic Weight Down Alternative Comforters / Duvets– https://www.pillows.com/piclwedoatco.html
  4. Pillowtex ® Hotel Cotton Duvet Cover -Blend Wrinkle Resistant– https://www.pillows.com/pillowtexhotelduvetcotton.html


*** Sheets used in above photos are from Pillows.com website – Cariloha Bamboo- Classic White Sheet Set- Queen- https://www.pillows.com/cbcssq.html


How Often Should You Replace Your Pillow?

5 Ways to Assess if Your Pillow Needs Replacing

If you can’t remember the last time you changed your pillows, know that you’re not alone. We don’t tend to think about the longevity or performance of our pillows when we lay down at night, exhausted from a long day. We’re just happy to be in bed, able to catch some shut eye – if only for a few hours. However, if you want to guarantee that the sleep you are having is top quality, that starts with your pillows.

Even though you aren’t a pillow expert, there are a few easy steps you can take to assess if your pillows are in desperate need of replacement.

Here are 5 quick tips for determining if you need some new pillows:

  1. The Fold Test: Take your pillow, and attempt to fold it in half. If you fold it in half and your pillow quickly bounces back into shape once you let go, chances are you have a few more months with that pillow. However, if your pillow fails to assume its prior shape, and slumps sadly onto the bed, it’s definitely time to consider new, supportive pillows. These are the things that support your head throughout the night, after all.


  1. Take a Peek: Sometimes, what we can see in plain sight is telling enough. Take off the pillowcase and observe your pillows. Do you see any yellowish stains? Those stains are the result of body oils, dead skin, and dust mites building up over time – yuck! If your pillows are discolored, you definitely need some new pillows and bedding.


  1. Take a Whiff: Moving onto the next sense, smell, it’s time to get up close and personal with your pillows on a scent level. Take your pillows and smell them. If they have an odor, it’s likely due to a bacteria build-up over time. That’s both disgusting and detrimental to you and your partner’s health. Time for some new, bacteria-free pillows.


  1. Feel It: Now it’s time to really feel around at the composition of your pillows. When you take and touch your pillow, can you feel lumps or feathers poking out of the pillow? Do you see foam or batting? If yes, that means your pillow has lost the supportive structure it once had. If the pillow is unable to contain its composition, it most certainly is unable to support your head and shoulders.



  1. Sleep Quality Test: This one is more figurative in nature. Sit down and really ponder if you are catching quality sleep at night. Do you wake up with a sore neck or headaches in the morning? Are you tossing and turning all night, struggling to find a comfortable sleeping position with your pillow? Is your pillow giving you the support it used to, a long time ago? If you suspect your pillow is linked to your sleep quality, it’s time for pillow replacement.



Here at Pillows.com, we’re happy to provide you with new, clean, structurally sound pillows that are complementary to a sound night of sleep.