How to start a simple sleep routine for adults.

When I think of a sleep routine, I think of babies. Little humans thrive on sleep routines. At what point did we assume adults don’t need a sleep routine too? The science is there, adults definitely need a sleep routine to ensure they get the best sleep possible. 

If you are anything like me, figuring out a new healthy routine can feel overwhelming. The thing about a sleep routine is it doesn’t need to be fancy. You don’t need lots of new products or gimmicky gadgets. Here are a few easy sleep routine steps that anyone can do right away.

  • Take a warm shower an hour before bedtime. You don’t have to wash your hair, just get a shower cap and soak in all that warm water. “Your circadian rhythm, which is your sleep-wake cycle, is guided by your body temperature and light,” says sleep specialist Whitney Roban, PhD. “You want your body temperature to decrease in order for melatonin to increase. When you get out of a hot shower, your body temperature is going to drop, and the production of your melatonin is going to increase. And that will help you feel sleepy.” 
  • Keep the lights dim! Avoiding bright light before bedtime will help you maintain a healthy sleep cycle.
  • Keep your bedroom a sleep only zone, well except for that other thing you can do in the bedroom. You want your bedroom to be a sleeping only zone. Don’t work, eat, or watch shows/movies in bed. When you create this sleeping only boundary, your brain will notice and know when it is time to sleep. 
  • Leave the phone/computer out of the bed! Your eyes need a break away from that nasty blue light. The Blue light loves to interrupt your natural sleep cycle. Read a book instead or do some 4-7-8 breathing exercises to help wind down.

When you start your new sleep routine, just remember to create a space that is calming and consistent. Let me know what is in your sleep routine in the comment section!

If you are concerned about the lack of sleep you are getting, talk to a doctor. It can be dangerous to not get the sleep your mind and body need.


Dana Fry

The Bedding Expert

What does your sleep position say about you?

We all like to try and better understand who we are. We look at our horoscopes and we take buzzfeed quizzes but is there another way to understand our personalities? Well, I say we can by taking a look at what sleep position we like.

1.  Fetal Position/Side

The Fetal Position is the most common sleep position. Imagine you are a tiny baby curled up in your mother’s womb. That is what the fetal position is. Knees pushed up and laying on your side. A lot of people will bring their hands together and sleep like a snug little curled up ball. Sleep specialists believe that this is the healthiest sleep position. It is the best for people who suffer back pain because it causes the least amount of strain on the neck and back joints. The best pillow for this sleep position is a higher loft medium to firm support pillow to keep you neck and spine in alignment while sleeping on your side.

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* Personality traits for people who sleep in a Fetal Position are said to have a tough on the outside, but be a softy on the inside. Someone who might seem shy when you first meet them but open up easily and actually love to be social. Side sleepers tend to be high energy people with active hobbies.

2. The Back Sleeper

The Back Sleeper Position is most commonly done in two ways. 1. The Sleepy Soldier, where your hands are straight down to your side and legs straight. With the right mattress and pillow this Sleepy Soldier Position can be the best to keep your neck and back in alignment. The best pillow for this sleep position is a low loft medium support pillow.

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* The Sleepy Soldier personality is strong, silent, and focused. They don’t like a lot of fuss. They typically love structure and are a type A personality.  They are very caring but hold people accountable for their actions. The Sleepy Soldier Sleeper are very loyal and care deeply for their friends and family. They will go out of their way to help a loved one in need. Just don’t get on their bad side.

The 2nd most common Back Sleeper Position is the Shooting Star They typically have their hands above their head and one leg bent. They truly look like they don’t have a care in the world while they are sleeping. A great pillow for this sleep position is a low/medium loft pillow with a soft/medium support level. Regular Shape Pillow- Featured at Many IHG ® Hotels

* People who sleep in the Shooting Star position have a style all their own. They are lovable and loyal. They like to be a shoulder to cry on and be available to help others in need. They make their friends and family a high priority. Don’t let their niceness fool you though. Just as they can fiercely love they can equally dislike those who wrong them. I bet that “mysterious” guy I liked in college was a Shooting Star sleeper…..

3. Stomach Sleeper

There are a few different ways to be a stomach sleeper. 1. The Yearner is half side sleeper and half stomach sleeper. Imagine you are on your side yet your top leg is bent over with your knee touching the mattress and your stomach slightly touching the bed. The best pillow for a Yearner is a low loft firm pillow.

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* Studies show that people who like to sleep in the Yearner position are open and inviting. Probably like to be the center of attention. They can get a little suspicious of people and tend to be cynical. Yearners tend to be impulsive, quick to make decisions but rarely have regrets. The Yearner is the type of person who has a timeshare in Iceland and has a pet chameleon name Pascal just because Rapunzel had one. Can you tell yet that this is my sleep position?

2. The Free Fall sleeper love to sleep directly on their bellies with their arms to their sides or underneath their pillow. A great pillow for a Free Fall sleeper is a low loft soft pillow. Some may like a low loft firm pillow as well.

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* The Free Fall Sleeper is a very social person who wants to be where the crowd is. Free Fall sleepers may seem like a free spirit but they can secretly have anxiety or a nervous side to them. They can also have a very sensitive personality so be careful with how you criticize them. The mantra of the Free Fall sleeper is “rules control the run”

The great thing about is we have such a large selection of pillows that we will have something for any kind of sleep position. Not sure which one is best for you? Check out our Pillow Finder on our website or contact our bedding experts at or call


Sleep Goals 2019

It’s that time of year again where everyone is setting resolutions that they hope to keep all year long. Setting resolutions and goals are hard, even for me! A lot of my goals tend to be unrealistic. So this year I sat down and thought about goals that are actually achievable! The best goals to set are the ones that will not only help to mentally but physically for the future focusing on becoming a better you! The most important kind of goals you can set are sleep goals! Sleep is so important to everyone. Sleep plays an important role in good health and well-being throughout everyones life! Sleep helps your brain work properly, helps with your physical health, and helps you function throughout the day. I know when I have a poor night of sleep, I can barely function the next day, and typically end up coming down with something in the matter of days! Let’s all vow to better rest and becoming a better self with sleep! More Sleep 2019!

Getting a good night of sleep, ya know can sometimes hard. It is either my brain cannot shut off or the neighbor’s dog is barking. There is always something! As important as sleep is, we should focus more on how to achieve sleep goals like setting the tone, limiting screen time, and having a comfy bed! Here are a couple ways to make sure you can achieve your sleep goals in 2019!

  • Limit screen time at night: The lights from the screen and all those text messages and notifications coming through are a big distraction! Staring at the screen not only messes up your body’s internal clock, but it also makes it more difficult to actually fall asleep. Limiting screen time can be hard, but let’s try silencing your phone 30 minutes before bed! From there on, it will be easier to increase the time!
  • Set the tone: Setting the tone will help you sleep! Darkness matters! Embrace the darkness!  As the sun goes down earlier, it also comes up earlier. Get those blackening shades up to rest longer in the morning. If the shades don’t help, set the tone with a warm bath, some relaxing music, or a book! Put the phone down and give your brain some time to wind down.
  • A Comfy Bed: You want the high-quality sleep, you are going to need high quality items. The mattress and pillows are the most important part of how well you sleep at night. Make sure your mattress is still in good shape! If it is older than 7 years old and you aren’t having good sleep quality, it might be time to think about getting a new one. Make sure your pillows are fluffed every night for maximum comfort. If your neck is sore when waking up, it is good idea to replace your pillows. If you need help, don’t hesitate to reach out to our customer service team, they are here to help!
  • Sleep Schedule: This one will probably be the hardest one to follow (trust me, I struggle with this) but setting a time every night to go to bed and setting a time every morning to wake up!  Although this might not seem like it at first, this will improve your overall sleep quality!
  • Do more when the sun’s out: Being productive during the day will help your body when falling asleep. Going for a workout in the middle of the day or right after work will help you feel tired when you are ready to go to bed. A short walk outside will also help. Fresh air and exercise will help the body when it comes to falling asleep at night. You’ll want to enjoy as much sunlight as there is! The sunlight will keep our body’s internal clock in check.

2019 is going to be the year of sleep! Setting the goal to improve sleep quality is not selfish, it is necessary! Following these steps will help you become a better you in 2019!