Travelers: What makes a great gift?

Traveling is so much fun, especially when you are with your loved ones. Everyone knows that with all these new rules in place, it can be pretty challenging to get everything ready for your trip. However for the frequent traveler it is easier because they are constantly going in and out of airports. My best friend is one of these frequent travelers and I always have such a hard time trying to figure out what to buy her for her birthday and Christmas. Thankfully there are multiple gifts you can give them, but I have chosen my top 5 favorite gifts that are perfect for the frequent traveler in your life.


  1. The Apple IPod/IPad: Now I know what most of you are thinking, why on earth would I buy an IPod or IPad, they are super expensive. While yes they are expensive they are perfect for the frequent traveler, they are small, convenient, and of course help pass the time (especially if you don’t like who you are sitting next to). These little beauties range anywhere from $50 for the IPod Shuffle to $800 for the 64 GB IPad and can be bought at or any major electronics retailer.


2. Boarding Pass Holder: A boarding pass holder is perfect because it gives you the ability to show all your necessary documents without having to dig through your carry on, because there is always that one person (it’s usually me) that has to dig through everything to find their boarding pass. A place for your ID and Passport make it easy to go right through security. These are $10 (such an awesome deal!) from and come in a variety of colors and patterns, for every taste.



3. A neck pillow, eye mask, and blanket: When most of us are traveling, we sometimes forget that we are going to be on a plane sitting for an extended period of time, and we want to be comfortable (we all know those airplane seats are not the most comfortable). A neck pillow will give your neck the perfect support so that you don’t get a crick in your neck. A blanket is a great gift option! Airplanes tend to be a little colder because of the pressurized air in the cabin. An eye mask is perfect for those travelers who fly the overnight flights, allowing them to get some shut eye (I love mine, and I don’t even travel that much!). This Nap Gift Set for Travel from is $64.98 comes with all three.


4.  A luggage scale: A luggage scale is an absolute must for any frequent traveler! The airlines a few years ago came up with the brilliant (not really!) idea that in if we charge for checked bags over a certain weight, we can offset our fuel costs. This did not boast well for the American travelers (How am I going to get all my shoes in my bag?). By having a luggage scale you can avoid paying the fees associated with your suitcase being over the recommended weight! This Balanzza Ergo Scale (I love the green color!) is $24.95 from


5. A unique luggage tag: Everyone knows that baggage claim is quite a pain. All the suitcases look exactly the same. Aside from completely purchasing a brand new luggage set (they are just so gosh darn expensive!). A luggage tag can take care of this. They come in different designs and colors making them a great addition to any bland/boring suitcase. These are great for if your luggage mysteriously disappears. This coated canvas luggage tag with a colorful mosaic design is from, and goes for $19.50 (I love the colors and price!).

There are numerous gifts that you can get a frequent traveler, but you must also remember that each person has their own unique style. I think I may have finally figured out what to get my friend for her next birthday. Hope everyone has a wonderful day, and don’t forget to drop by for all your needs!! Happy Gift Hunting!

Blog Author: Christina, Product Editor




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