Way to Fight Insomnia

Insomnia, the inability to fall asleep, can be frustrating and often leads to next day impairment while awake. For me, the cause of my insomnia is often stress, which is why I’ve had to come up with my own little remedy to combat insomnia.

Clear your head before bed– Anxiety triggers insomnia for me, so I usually take a moment before bed to write down the reasons that I’m feeling stressed. I then create a mini to do list for the next day. This way, I’m not tossing and turning in bed and thinking about how I am going to accomplish certain tasks.


Exercise during the day– Though it is not certain how exactly exercise helps those suffering from insomnia, it has been proven in research that exercise does help people fall asleep quicker and stay asleep longer. For me, it helps me distress and it just tires my body out! I’ve also heard that yoga is a great way to fight insomnia since it relaxes and calms your body and mind. I’m no Yogi, but I’ve done some research for you and found an excellent article that highlights the yoga moves that can help with insomnia. Check out the recommended moves from Yoga Journal.



Create the ultimate bed sanctuary– Establish a sleep only zone for your bed. This means no watching tv, eating, reading, or arguing in bed. This will train your mind to associate your bed with only sleep, leaving all of those stress and anxiety thoughts behind.  If you can fall asleep within 25 minutes, then get out of bed and do something relaxing to distract you from worrying about falling asleep. Check out our previous blog article on how to create the perfect bed sanctuary

I hope this can help you fight off the insomnia monster. I’m always open to your feedback so let me know If you have any input on ways to fight insomnia!

Blog Author: Chelsea, Director of Marketing

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