Ways to Get Your Bedroom Ready for Summer!

With summer right around the corner, it’s time for you to start thinking about switching your room up to accommodate the warmer weather. Sure those wonderful duvets kept you toasty all winter, but now that the sun is shining bright, you should look into colorful, lightweight fabrics that will help keep you cool and comfy all summer long. I’ve compiled a small list of three super simple ways to update your look as well as a few budget-friendly suggestions that I find helpful when getting my bedroom summer ready.

1.)    Be fearless: What better time is there to go bold when choosing colors to compliment your sunny mood? Whether you choose a soft hue or go all out with a vibrant pop of color, don’t be afraid to try something new. Something as simple as changing your pillow covers can make the difference between your muted winter look and a creating a fresh, colorful design. Vivid corals, soft pale peach, flirty pinks, electrifying oranges and sunny yellows are a great way to liven up your decor. If it’s more of a sophisticated look that you’re going for consider pairing nautical blues, luscious limes and rosy reds with crisp whites to create a more of a summer elegance.  Using patterns in the form of decorative pillows, sheets, or duvet covers are all simple ways of livening up your bedroom without breaking your bank. Whatever you decide, remember, adding color to your bedroom can elevate your mood and create a stylish retreat where you can relax and drift off to sleep, dreaming of umbrella drinks and afternoons at the beach (at least that’s what I’ll be dreaming of… 😉 )

 Amy butler decor pillow- blog

This Amy Butler Sari Bloom Decorative Pillow will add the perfect amount of splash to any room!

2.)    Be mindful of fabrics: Ditching your heavy winter fabrics is a must when the weather gets warm. Consider using lightweight fabrics which allow air to flow, ensuring that you won’t wake up feeling sticky and uncomfortably hot. Just because the weather is hot outside, doesn’t mean you have to be while you sleep. You can still keep comfy by choosing a lightweight/summer-weight comforter. These comforters have less fill weight and are ideal for anyone who wants a cooler more breathable comforter. The porous fabric helps to maintain your body temperature and prevents the comforter from trapping warm air around your body.

Sheets made from fabrics like satins and silks are glossy and luxurious to sleep on and definitely feel cool to the touch, perfect for summer.

Something that we are all familiar with (partially due to those cutesy commercials where actresses sing their praises) is cotton. Cotton is one of the most common and versatile fabrics in the world. Much of cotton’s popularity stems from its amazing ability to allow air to pass right through it. Also, because cotton fibers are hollow in the center, it’s able to absorb moisture and release it just as quickly, drying up water or sweat thus keeping your body cool. Cotton products come in a variety of thread counts and colors and are widely abundant, making it easy to choose cotton bedding that’s perfect for you.

Linen is another great fabric for summer, although it can be much pricier than its cotton counterpart. An easy (not to mention wallet-friendly way) to incorporate this summer-y fabric is to purchase linen covered throw pillows. Not only will it help to create a layered, look but will also help to keep you cool while you rest your tired little head after a long day.

When it comes to window treatments, an easy way to update your bedroom is by switching to sheer curtains. It’s an inexpensive, simple way to completely transform the look of your room. Added bonus –  Lightweight curtains flow beautifully when they’re caught in a summer breeze.



3.)    Stimulate your other senses: Now that you checked off the visual and sensory aspects of your room, why not give your sense of smell some love? Fresh flowers are always a welcome addition to any room, but if you’re looking to add some smell good that will last even longer, consider scented candles. Soft floral scents are an obvious choice but also consider fun fruity scents to energize, revitalize or to add a little zest. If it’s relaxation that you’re seeking let luscious lavender sooth and relax you. There are even aromatherapy pillows, as well as lavender pillowcases available that can not only provide the comfort that you’re looking for while you sleep, but can also create a calm, tranquil sleeping environment.

Flower tip: Purchase fresh flowers from your local Farmer’s Market. These flowers will be much fresher than store bought AND you will be helping out your local community!


Whichever direction you decide to go, remember to have fun with it. Your ultimate goal is to create a calming sanctuary that you’re happy to relax in after a long day soaking up the sun. Think about what makes you feel tranquil, serene and all around happy, and don’t be afraid to go for it. For more tips on finding the perfect summer bedding for you, visit PacificPillows.com or call toll-free 1.800.720.6973 to speak to an expert who will be more than happy to help you find products to keep you comfy and cool all summer long.

Blog Post Author: Monique, Channel Manager

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