What to Expect When You’re Expecting- Pregnancy & Sleep

Sleeping while you are pregnant is an additional challenge that you don’t expect initially.  I knew that I would probable be uncomfortable sleeping but that was the extent.  I was wrong as you start to get bigger it is harder to find a comfortable position.  I believe if you are already a side sleeper you are ahead of the game and it is an easier adjustment.  I thought I slept on my side however; found that I am a back sleeper for the most part.  I had to learn to sleep on my side the further into my pregnancy mainly after the first trimester.  Research shows it is best to sleep on your left side to keep the uterus off your large organ, the liver.  It is also supposed to be better for circulation.


I would make my own little cocoon of pillows until my wonderful husband purchased a body pillow for me to try.  I wasn’t sure how I would sleep with this big pillow, wow what a pleasant surprise.  I was able to place the lower part of the pillow between my knees to align my spine and my tummy rested on the middle so I didn’t feel this weight pulling.  The baby also seemed to be less active, at least for me.  The night activity of my first was crazy, he would have these punching battles that would wake you and it took a while to get back to sleep.  I would also place a regular pillow behind me at my lower back to prevent me from rolling onto my back.  The nice thing today is that you can find pillow covers to blend with your décor so it’s not just a white pillow. ( Check out our body pillow selection!)




Pregnancy is different for everyone.  I would listen to suggestions and try the ones that I thought would work for me.  People are just trying to help and I would rather hear suggestions all day than have people touching my growing tummy.  Remember you have to take care of yourself so you are rested as much as possible to care for the miracle that will soon enter into your life.

Sweet Dreams!

Blog Author: Jodi, Product Inventory Manager

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